Niagara Chocolates Attempts World Record Sponge Candy

Niagara Chocolates Attempts World Record Sponge Candy

Every year, Niagara by Frey helps local schools and organizations raise millions of dollars to make dreams possible for our community. Our dream is to make the world’s largest piece of sponge candy, so we’re giving it our best shot! In celebration of our over 60 years making sponge candy, our team of candy connoisseurs created this massive chocolate-and-sponge confection.


Just how big is it?

Measuring at 21 in x 22in x 19in and weighing a whopping 131lbs, we think this delectable giant is the largest piece of sponge candy ever created.

“If it was any bigger, you might need a forklift to move it around,” said Drew Keller, Plant Engineer at Niagara by Frey and culinary mastermind behind creating the world record attempt. “It was a challenge to make, but the process was a lot of fun. I really think it has to be the biggest out there.” To test that, we’ve submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if they agree! The submission is currently under review, and we hope to hear back in early 2020.

Why do a world record attempt?

“We’ve been making sponge candy for over 60 years, and thought this would be a fun way to celebrate that,” said Joe Annunziato, Senior Marketing Manager at Niagara by Frey. “We saw Fowler’s recently put out a world record attempt, so in the spirit of friendly competition and to honor Buffalo’s love for sponge candy, we wanted to give it a try as well, with our own take.”


Can I come see it?

Yes! This sizeable slab of sponge is on display in our Niagara by Frey Chocolate Shop, located on 3500 Genesee St. in Cheektowaga. Even better, take a photo with it and tag us on Instagram (@niagarabyfrey) with the hashtag #BuffalosBestSpongeCandy and you’ll be entered to win a gift basket full of Niagara by Frey premium chocolates! The contest ends December 16th, with the winner to be announced the same day.


About Sponge Candy

Sponge Candy is a unique confection that has been around as a Western New York tradition for decades, consisting of a crisp, lightly toasted sponge center covered in a creamy chocolate coating. While its exact origins are a mystery, Niagara by Frey started creating high quality Sponge Candy dating back to its roots in 1956.


About Niagara by Frey Premium Chocolates

Created in Buffalo in 1956, Niagara by Frey is an all-American brand that embraces a rich and flavorful history.  For decades, Niagara by Frey has been a manufacturer of a wide range of premium chocolates including candy bars, chocolate covered clusters, and seasonal novelty chocolates.

Fundraising for the local community has always been a large part of the Niagara by Frey mission and through the years its seasonal catalog and candy bar programs have helped raise millions of dollars for schools and organizations of all types.

Learn more about Niagara by Frey at


About Niagara by Frey Chocolate Shop:

Niagara by Frey™ Chocolate Shop is the premier destination to purchase a wide variety of Niagara by Frey™ premium chocolates including our award winning Sponge Candy.  Located at 3500 Genesee St. Buffalo, NY, this retail location is open year round to the public and also offers an array of unique candy making supplies.  Store hours are Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM; Saturday: 9AM-4PM, Sunday: Closed.

Learn more about Niagara by Frey Chocolate Shop by calling 716-634-0070


About SweetWorks Confections LLC®

In 2014, Chocolat Frey North America headquartered in Buffalo/NY, acquired SweetWorks Confections LLC and its manufacturing facilities in Buffalo and Toronto.  SweetWorks offers a variety of chocolate, confections, and gum products under the following brand names: Chocolat Frey®, Sixlets®, Color it Candy®, Ovation by Frey®, Niagara by Frey®, and Bubble King®.

Learn more about SweetWorks Confections LLC at


CONTACT: Joe Annunziato

Niagara by Frey™

716-634-0880 x109

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