Niagara Holiday Party Pairing Tips

The holidays are in full swing and a new year is almost here—and that means it’s party season! What better way to celebrate than by hosting or attending a gathering that includes a wonderful pairing of a tasty libation and the indulgent gift of small batch Niagara Chocolates! It’s a fun and delicious way to enjoy this time of year. Need pairing ideas? No worries. We’ve got that covered with enticing suggestions below.


Milk Chocolate Pairings

When it comes to sparkling drinks and chocolate pairings, one of the most versatile chocolate options is crafted, smooth and creamy milk chocolate. Providing a sweeter bite, milk chocolate pairs excellently with a variety of flavor profiles from a bubbly Gewurztraminer to a sparkling Moscato. Give or serve a bottle  paired with our Niagara Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Holiday Gift Box or our Niagara Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cluster Gift Box, or keep it classic with our Niagara Chocolate Lovers Milk Chocolate Gift Box. For those looking for non-alcohol pairings,  Black Lapsang Souchong tea and vibrant Kombucha are beverage options with multifaceted and complex flavor notes that will deeply compliment these Niagara Milk Chocolate varieties.


Dark Chocolate Pairings

Fill a party dish with some Niagara Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Cups served with a Brachetto d’Acqui or a sparkling Shiraz—both of which are slightly sweet with a subtle hint of bubbles that pairs perfectly with the delightful bittersweetness of dark chocolate. Want to be even more daring? Add a bowl of Niagara Gingerbread Cookie Clusters for a hint of spice. Another bubbly drink that is friendly to all and pairs wonderfully with hand crafted dark chocolate is blackberry or blueberry infused sparkling water. In addition to amplifying the notes of Niagara Dark Chocolate, the acid and bubbles in these alcohol-free sparkling waters will cleanse your palate!


Fruit and Chocolate Pairings

Pair a pink-hued bubbly or sparkling rosé wine with your favorite berry and Niagara Hand Crafted Chocolate for a flavor experience that shines! You can even add more variety with a tasty DIY fondue station featuring melted Niagara Milk Chocolate Bars, Niagara Dark Chocolate Bars, and Niagara Dark Chocolate Salted Almond Bars for guests to dip their favorite fruits into. Try some pineapple, melon, and apple, served with a complementing glass of Moscato d’ Asti, sparkling Moscato, bubbly Gewurztraminer, or Pierre Chavin Perle Bleu Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine.


However you choose to celebrate with your drink of choice and Niagara chocolate, your taste buds won’t be disappointed! And when in doubt, just remember that for best results, pair a bubbly that’s sweeter than the chocolate you’re serving. Happy Holidays!

Niagara Holiday Party Pairing Tips


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